Tuesday morning at home…

catching up….

I realize I haven’t posted anything new in quite sometime.  Its been super busy around our house and I have had very little time for photography lately.  Moving, renovations and having a baby will do that to you, ha!  Here are some pics from the last year…

IMG_6725IMG_6732IMG_5364 IMG_5372 IMG_5397 IMG_5843 IMG_5879 IMG_4441 IMG_4564 IMG_4600 IMG_6419 IMG_6444 IMG_6464 IMG_7116 IMG_7140 IMG_7149 IMG_7160 IMG_7595 IMG_7674 IMG_7688 IMG_7717

Tuesday morning at home…

details {week seven}

So…..I missed a few weeks of my 52 week project 😉  Life tends to get in the way sometimes, but I am going to try to do a better job of sticking to it.

Here is week 7: details.  My sweet girl is constantly bringing me “flowers” (mostly they are just weeds from the yard, but hey, its the thought that counts, right?)

I included the B&W too, bc it showed off her pretty eyelashes….


Tuesday morning at home…

home {week two}

I changed the theme for this week from ‘cold’ to ‘home’ (since it’s not super cold here in MS).  This is the newest member of our family, so of course she was my subject this week….Isn’t she a sweetie?!


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